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  • Why 380 Volt input ?
    • In a 3 phase System 380V gives 240V from phase to neutral on each phase. This is the most common configuration in countries with 240V supply as standard.
  • Why 100A/hr batteries ?
    • This is the most common format for automotive and general purpose applications, and is easy to both acquire and handle. Larger sizes are possible, but get heavier and therefore harder to handle.
  • What is autonomy time ?
    • The time in minutes that the UPS is expected to supply power at full load if the utility supply fails
Battery Capacity 100 A/hrs
UPS Input Voltage 384 V
Battery Voltage 12 V
String Length 32 Batteries
UPS Module Capacity 200 KVA
Autonomy time 15 Min
Number of Strings 2
Total UPS Capacity 1000 KVA
N 5
Redunancy Factors Strings Batteries
(N+1) 12 384
(2 N) 20 640
2(N+1) 24 768

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