The Plant

The Recycling Centre has engaged a leading global supplier and operator of lead-acid battery recycling plants for this project. The equipment suppliers role for this project is the design and manufacture of equipment guaranteeing local regulatory compliance.

for all environmental aspects and maximum efficiency in operational performance in terms of energy usage and material recovery.

The Plant is equipped with the following machinery:

  • Integrated System – Breaking and separation of ULAB into acid, plastic and lead compound.
  • Cleansing Systems – Desulphurization Plant, Dry and Wet Scrubbing Plants; Crystallization Plant; Gore type Bag House Filtration System.
  • Smelting Unit
    • Rotary Furnace with auto charging unit and dog house unit
    • Holding Kettle and bullion casting machine
  • The Process will incorporate
    • Zero Effluence Discharge in the drainage system.
    • Zero discharge of electrolyte (acid)
    • Near Zero Air Pollution: The advanced and specially designed air pollution control and abatement system minimizes SO2 (sulphur dioxide) and NOx (nitrogen oxides) emissions.
    • ULAB is reduced by 20 X in weight into the final form of benign slag.
  • The End Products
    • Lead Bullion Pb
    • Polypropylene/ ABS polymer chips
    • High Grade Industrial Sulphate crystals