Safety and Sustainable Development

hkpark-lead01For the first time in Hong Kong, Used Lead Acid Battery (ULAB) will have a truly final disposal/recycling facility which enables every Individual, Corporate and Institution to genuinely comply with regulations laid down by Hong Kong Waste Disposal Ordinance and United Nation’s Basel Convention, while each and everyone is engaged in contributing towards a sustainable, Environmentally Sound Management (ESM) of hazardous waste program:

  • Listed Companies – Environmental, Social And Governance (ESG) Criteria includes reporting by listed companies of KPI’s related to hazardous waste (ULAB) disposal. By utilizing the HKLABRC,  companies can now report and sign off their Environmental, Social, and Governance Reporting assured by the Recycling Centre of their full compliance.
  • All users of lead acid batteries, such as automobile owners and their service garage operators, data centre owners or their tenants can all rest at ease that their waste is now treated and disposed with no environmental impact; with full transparency in recycling process and with written support certifying their ULAB proper treatment.

All end products will be channeled to sustain a new cycle of useful life;  synergistic relationships will be built with other operators within EcoPark, whether it is renewed fuel producer in need of neighboring customer or plastic chip user seeking a constant source of supply of raw material complimenting each other’s operation.